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    Programmable Square Tool Turret


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  • PRAGATI- Programmable Square Tool Turret is an Import Substitute.
  • Good Acceptance in the Indian market.
  • Successfully Test Marketed in CHINA .


PRAGATI- Programmable Square Tool Turret is Designed & Developed by a Dedicated Team which is now in serial production - a total of 14 Variants.

Mounting Hole Details

Main Features

  • For Use On Flat Bed CNC Lathes.
  • 3 piece face gear allows turret to be indexed without lifting
  • Clamping through Cam & Disc Spring ensures consistent rigid Clamping
  • Fast Unidirectional Indexing
  • Option with internal coolant allows use of BWS Drills

Special Features

  • Suitable for use on all NC Lathes
  • 3 Piece face Gear Coupling allows the Turret to be Indexed without lifting
  • Ensures high repeat positioning accuracy
  • Fast Indexing with Disc Spring Clamping
  • Cam mechanisim gives high clamping forces and ensures smooth clamping and release action.
  • Electrical elements conveniently located in a separated area, sealed from Coolant entry
  • Totally enclosed waterproof construction with "O-Rings" and seals